Serpentine Path

What we call "the creative process" isn't a formal step-by-step flowchart diagram that you can follow every time without fail. There is no foolproof journaling plan. It is an open-ended exercise and you never know what will happen until it's a wrap. It's a serpentine path that snakes through from idea generation to fruition.

Not sure whether these are little islands with inlets for docking boats or amoebas or pseudopods or funny looking ducks or a modern version of Candyland.

These pages are in one of the many art journals in process; this one just so happens to be a book. And I turned it sideways for fun.

The spark for this afternoon's work will not necessarily be gleaned from this morning's tea & the New York Times Crossword Puzzle. I think that involves some sort of interplanetary time travel and definitely some questionable grammatical decisions, but you get the idea. 

PS. How many is too many journals?