Seeing + noticing things others don't...

Another pair of doodled art journal pages from the exacompta. This started with a simple photo of me looking at drying tea bags. Then I thought - "quirky" - because really I am. But in this world quirky is not always a good thing. It's also known as wierd. The background is in tubed and heavy body acrylics, with doodling in gellyrolls. The stamps are from Traci Bunkers set, Blind Melon.

When you find others that understand why you collect bits of fabric, how you envision drawing a mandala, why you wish for a tiny cube of indigo watercolor paint, why you care what lens is on your camera... that makes you feel normal, at least with those people.

People who understand that watercolor paper is luscious for drawing, why you photograph a rusty pile of metal, and then edit that photo in photoshop to make it even more grungy, why you don't color inside the lines, why you call your messy pages art, why doing sudoku or drawing lines calms you down, why you blog.

If you are reading this and not scoffing, you are those people.

When you leave a comment, even a little bitty quip, it helps me know that you are those people. It helps me know that people are reading this. It helps me know that you might go and draw or paint or create something today. Or tomorrow.

Comments don't have to be esoteric essays but they do matter.