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Art journal prompt cards
On sale for the holidays
Over 100 different designs

Available in 10 and 52 card packs

The new designs have arrived, just in time for the holidays! Grab a 10-pack {with 2 bonus cards added to orders placed by December 17} or a 52-pack {on sale for 20% off, the lowest price of the year} and get a few cute Daisy Yellow stickers too! A 10-pack would make a fantabulous Hanukkah or Christmas or New Years gift  for yourself and your creative friends & relatives. 

How are prompt cards used? Select a 5-phrase prompt from the array of words and phrases on the BINGO card. Use that sequence to launch a page in your journal, index card art, or whatever you wish. The original artwork on the card plus the selected phrases form the prompt. 

Why prompt cards? The simple story behind my art journal prompt cards? I set out to create the kind of prompts that I wanted for myself. Something cute, colorful and engaging, like a tarot card, but intriguing as well, to spark creative ideas.

History. I launched the first series of art journal prompt cards in 2012 and have been brainstorming, developing & devising new designs for four years! Creative prompt cards have been used to spark journal work and creative ideas by artists, writers, art journalists, non-profit organizations, public libraries, middle school classrooms, art groups and addiction recovery groups.