Retro | Vintage Drawing Practice

It takes practice to draw what you intend to draw. A straight line parallel to another line, a curve left to right at the angle you wish, lines at different angles without turning your paper (yes, I know you do). My line control is much better since I started actively practicing. I didn't really consider it "practice" until I realized, a year later, that my line control & precision had vastly improved!

sketch the lines of a white kitchen

19 East 72nd Street - Madison ... Digital ID: 1558320. New York Public Library

draw a teapot

Five déjeûner pieces. Jasper a... Digital ID: 490873. New York Public Library

design your own silverware

Silver knife, fork and spoon. Digital ID: 1688216. New York Public Library

use old patterns to practice drawing lines

Modern surface ornament. Digital ID: 818468. New York Public Library

add detail to your favorite drawing patterns

[Renaissance design patterns.] Digital ID: 819808. New York Public Library

draw the lines of the facade of a house (here's my attempt)

Late Colonial Door, Philadelph... Digital ID: 96327. New York Public Library

practice drawing fonts

Atlas of the city of New York,... Digital ID: 1516754. New York Public Library

learn to draw a fish, then draw fish with different patterns

Coryphaena coerulea, The Bleu-... Digital ID: 404016. New York Public Library

design the cover of an imaginary or real book

The harlot’s house : and other... Digital ID: 492668. New York Public Library

Thoughts on improving drawing skill:

  1. Consider doing creative work freehand to build confidence, strengthen your arm, and improve the ability to control the pen.
  2. Watch yourself. Is it easier to draw when sitting on the couch with the journal to your right, on your lap, on a table in front of you, standing and leaning on a counter?
  3. When you are drawing and getting frustrated. STOP.
  4. If your hand/arm is tired, take a few days off.