Retro | Vintage Drawing Practice 3

Drawing abstract designs is where I spend most of my creative time, but I want to learn how to draw "things" better! So if you would like to practice too, I've pulled together another collection of designs and curious things to draw. This is Part 3 of the Retro | Vintage Drawing Practice series. Images are from the New York Public Library Digital Gallery, with free and open access.

doodle with intricate lines, as in a wrought iron gate circa 1904

Wrought iron gates and railing... Digital ID: 486802. New York Public Library

practice your perspective using this interior of a Manhattan restaurant

Third Avenue - East 89th Stree... Digital ID: 1557861. New York Public Library

sketch the lines and curves of this facade in Manhattan

10 East 57th Street - Fifth Av... Digital ID: 1558268. New York Public Library

draw with a focus on the changing lines of the windows of this building in Manhattan

338 Manhattan Avenue - West 11... Digital ID: 1557983. New York Public Library

practice drawing this scarlett coat, from a 1931 book of Imported French fabrics

Leda. Digital ID: 1159032. New York Public Library

draw the outline of a fish from this 1815 collection

1. Blackfish or tautog; 2. Ber... Digital ID: 412984. New York Public Library

draw the letters or the oval stamp on this 1900 Yale banquet menu

34TH ANNUAL BANQUET [held by] ... Digital ID: 475010. New York Public Library

draw your favorite shoe from this 1900 illustration of ladies' shoes of the 19th century

[Eau-de-nil satin shoe worn by... Digital ID: 105976. New York Public Library

Write a message in the style of the words on the leaves, illustrated front piece from Les Fleurs Animees, circa 1847

Les fleurs animées. [Illustrat... Digital ID: 1130395. New York Public Library

dare you to draw the shah of persia, feathered hat and all

Shah of Persia  (Muzaffar ad D... Digital ID: 1158485. New York Public Library

design framelike detail on a piece of art;click the front cover of this 1908 hardback to see the intricate detail

Front cover. Digital ID: 491523. New York Public Library

You can find one of my attempts at drawing at I Don't Draw Things.

What will you draw today?

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