Retro | Vintage Drawing Practice #2

Did you attempt to draw any of the ideas from Retro | Vintage Drawing Practice? Continuing the series, here's more inspiration for those wishing to draw. You don't have to be PERFECT, but do give it a TRY.

draw the lines and curves of a bicyclette

Lawson’s bicyclette. Digital ID: 1195112. New York Public Library

sketch this bridge card without turning the page

How would you bid? Digital ID: 461093. New York Public Library 

design an embellished umbrella

Ornamental state umbrella, wit... Digital ID: 824673. New York Public Library

sketch the curves and angles of a chandelier

Chandelier. Digital ID: 1160665. New York Public Library

draw the deceptively simple lines of the predecessor to your cell phone, give it a 3D feel

Desk set [telephone] Digital ID: 98286. New York Public Library

draw these grand windows, practice freehand parallel lines

[St. George] Stained glass win... Digital ID: 1253130. New York Public Library

draw a vintage earring, or one from your collection, embellish

Ear-rings. Digital ID: 831901. New York Public Library

the curves and overlapping forms in leaves

Gaultheria procumbens : mounta... Digital ID: 1101745. New York Public Library

What will you draw today?

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