Results: The 47 Second Survey

{Thank you for taking the short 47 second survey.}

Feedback from The Classic 3-Question Survey a few days ago. 

In my former life as a corporate analytical person, I liked to help a friend who worked in marketing research. She had a masters in market research and taught me how to analyze surveys. Sometimes the most important feedback is in the comments, which are called "verbatims" because you report them exactly as written. Typically you would categorize the verbatims based on the root of the comment. That wasn't all needed for The 47 Second Survey. Anyhow, I pulled together the results and pulled some of the most interesting comments for you.

QUESTION No. 1 was about how people read Daisy Yellow.

53% read directly at DY and 43% read in their feed reader, some clicking over to expand the post or follow a link. The remainder follow a link on twitter, facebook etc. as they wish. 

"Using a feed reader is the only way to go: all my interests gathered in one place when/if someone blogs something new. Don't have time (or memory!) to visit umpteen sites just to see if the blogger has posted anything that day."

"I start in the feeder, but will go to the site to get the "real" experience."

"I read blogs from my favorites list, with my morning tea, and keep a little notebook for chosen quotes, and a "inspirations" folder in which I place ideas, blog listings and an occasional print on which I place the blog info. Reading the blogs as a start to the day is a way to "jump start" my own creative projects or workday, and also means that throughout the day I will absorb and apply some of the encouragement I find there."

QUESTION No. 2 was about the frequency of posts. The truth is that I have loads of posts to share that have not yet been published but I fear sharing too many too fast. So I actually hold back posts because I don't want to overdo it. Does that make sense?

83% said that the frequency was just right or that it didn't matter either way. 15% wished for more posts each week and just 2% preferred fewer. 

"I absolutely love looking at the wonderful, creative, marvelous posts...but even though I would love to see more of them, I realize they are a lot of effort! So I will continue to enjoy whatever is there."

"Some weeks I would like more, but then I would be reading and not creating :)"

"I like a good mix of lengthy, wordy, process type posts and very simple photo + words"

"I subscribe to a number of blogs, probably 75-100, to get a wide point of view on certain subjects. Yeah, it's my choice to do that, but then I really hate it when one blogger floods my feed with a huge number posts per week -- then I have to unsubscribe. It's sort of like a rowdy kid in a classroom jumping up & down for attention :-) But, to each his own."

"I wouldn't mind one or two more posts, only because I find your blog easy to digest, easy to look at and informative in manageable chunks. I love the variety of posts."

"I think whatever makes you comfortable. Your enjoyment of your blog always comes thru don't you think. If your stressed writing a post you feel you SHOULD write but you're not feeling it, it will show."

"My following goes in waves and it is nice to be able to come and go as my schedule allows."

QUESTION No. 3 was 17 meandering questions about comments, not particular to DY. I find the concept of comments intriguing. I'm quite fine with the comments here and so appreciative of those who stop by and say hello. Yes, the curiosity... how does one decide to comment? Do people read the other comments or just leave one? I leave comments if something really strikes me, intrigues me, challenges me, or something is just fantastically wonderful and I must say so. I actually read a bunch of comments before I comment because I don't want to just repeat what has already been said, or sometimes it sparks more dialogue. Sometimes I add responses within the flow of comments (if I can, which isn't often), and I wonder if that is helpful. Anyhow, I included a bunch of wacky options so if you were patient and read everything hopefully you got a laugh over "this is way too many questions about comments" or "it would be cool to draw a pretend survey." 

20% comment only if something really resonates with me, 13% read the comments on other people's blogs, 10% like it when the blogger responds within the comments section, 6% love it when the blogger responds by email, 6% hardly ever comment, 5% have never commented, 5% love commenting, 3% never know what to say, etc. And less than 1% will be adding a survey to their next art journal page! 

"Comments are an important way of connecting with each other."

"I quite like commenting, you feel you have a connection with the blogger as they reply and it is like having a conversation!"

"I often think twice about responding because I don't want to be seen as a blog "stalker"! I do, however, stalk your blog!" <---- Tammy's fav

"i wish more people would comment on my blog. Sometimes i post artwork and you can
here the crickets chirp. People never comment on what i think they will comment on. Strange."

"I should comment more, I know I should. I blame the feedreader."

All in all, a lovely survey, lovely helpful results, and I appreciate your 47 seconds (which according to the survey people was actually more like 2 minutes) that people took to carefully reply.