Alphabetication: Lettering Explorations

Alphabetication, relaxing lettering explorations with a dip pen. #alphabet #handlettering #dippen

Drawing the alphabet with a dip pen and ink is such a calming experience for me; it allows me to empty my mind and focus only on the mesmerizing flow of ink, the meditative dip of the pen in the inkwell.

Peace & calm within the day. 

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Lettering the alphabet with a dip pen and india ink. #handlettering #dippen #indiaink #daisyyellowart #typography

I love free-style hand-lettering with a dip pen, not following any particular sort of calligraphy or modern lettering rules, just playing around. Think of this kind of work as doing guitar riffs or warm-up stretches or rough sketches. The simple truth is that I enjoy drawing with a dip pen. I like the smooth flow of ink, the imperfections and even the errant drips. All of it. 

The english alphabet is comprised of twenty-six (26) unique symbols. And each symbol, each letter, is made up of a variety of lines. A word, a phrase, a quote or the entire alphabet looks different depending on the way you choose to draw the parts. You know the alphabet by heart, so you can use it to practice line work!

Draw the letters of the alphabet ~ you know them by heart ~ and focus on each line, each curve, each angle, one by one. There is no right or wrong, just the flow of ink. 

Writing words in this way is quite meditative It lets my mind wander away from stress while I focus on each line. I use my drawing nibs to write words on journal pages, draw mandalas and sketch. In formal calligraphy or modern lettering there are proper methods for constructing letters. If you would like to learn about calligraphy, look for a workshop at a local community art center or offered by a local calligraphy and lettering guild. Then you can take the process and apply it to your art journals in a way that works for you. I just want to get the words on paper in some sort of quirky way. 

In the video, I'm drawing the letters of the alphabet over and over again with a dip pen and a flexible drawing nib {I think it's a G-nib, but my nibs aren't shiny & legible} with J. Herbin Encre de Chine India Ink on cold-pressed watercolor paper. So lush.

Fill a page with letters in different widths, heights, slants, sizes & styles. Super tall and narrow. W-I-D-E and elegant. Play with spacing. Odd angles. Your letters do not need to be legible. You can layer them, criss-cross them, or write in different colors. But fill a page!

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