In our house, we invent words on a daily basis. Only a small % of those words actually stick, but we continue to invent them nonetheless. So rejournaling is, effectively, covering up stuff you don't want while simultaneously adding dimension and depth to your pages, with layers that obfuscate {that strikes me as just the right word here} the previous finished result.

One of the coolest things about acrylics is that they are forgiving. You can go bonkers with them, keep going and going until chaos settles in on the page. 

Before you decide to rejournal or obfuscate, squint at your page. Take a good look at it. Turn it upside down. Select the areas that you really like. Our shorthand for this will be "the good stuff" that you "save" for posterity. Tape an index card over the good stuff or just work around it. You may or may not ruin some of this good stuff. It doesn't matter. Saving it just makes the next layer more interesting, that's all. Take acrylic paint and cover the inverse of the good stuff. Like in Photoshop when you select an area but you really want the reverse, so you select the inverse. 

This was just one of a bunch of pages that I changed even after I thought the book was finished. It was really weird, but I was hesitant to let go of this particular book. It's one of three in process, so it's not like it is a stand-alone thing. I think I just started to see the altered book not as a group of journal pages but as a cohesive array.

And maybe because it was the last page of the turquoise book and maybe because I wasn't into the silver-grey thing and maybe I didn't want to let go of this book. But for whatever reason, I retained a majority of the collage elements, stitched the left page, did some unsuccessful gel transfers, etc. And I really like the pinkness of it all, and the texture.

Left {silver-pink} = before. Right {white-pink} = after.

You guys know that I usually just share art in this space, but I wanted to let you know that I've been dealing with neck pain, in waves, this past month. Although I deal with pain in several areas, tangible pain... this is new; I had an MRI and a treatment plan is in development. The key for me is to paint and draw and create and read, all of that keeps me focused on good stuff. So if you've got bad stuff going on, please try to find something good to focus on. Art relieves stress and allows us to focus on something positive.

In fact I've been reading a LOT more than usual. Good books just finished: The Fault in Our Stars {3☆} The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay {5☆}, The Hour of the Wolf {4☆}. I've also been listening to a LOT of podcasts in the car including The Creative Mom Podcast {Try Episode: #187: One Sentence Journal}, the Nerdist interview with Jodie Foster {ginormous amounts of swearing by the host, so you have been warned} and random episodes of a lot of others. I love podcasts.

Grab a prompt from the Daisy Yellow prompt-o-matic page and as you go about your day you can think of various ways to interpret the prompt. Literally, figuratively, mysteriously, dynamically, you know the drill. As you are stuck in traffic, as you fold laundry, as you crunch chips & salsa and even as you catch up on Grey's Anatomy or House of Cards. Our favorite salsas with white corn tortilla chips? On The Border and the newly discovered Happy Tomato. Your mind will keep working on the prompt and when you sit down with a journal or index card, you'll have an inkling of what you want to do.