Rainbows take a chaotic turn in my altered book.

"In a manner of speaking, the fact that humankind itself is unpredictable is the quintessential stumbling-block for archaeologists. We have to assume that the people whose dwelling places, artefacts, lives even, we are dealing with were rational, integrated, sane and sensible human beings. Then we look around at our own contemporaries and wonder how this belief can possibly be sustained."
Laurance Flanagan

One day, I'll create a simple art journal page. But that day is not today. Creating chaos on the page is a surprisingly effective way to focus my mind and de-stress. Working here as per usual in an altered hardback book where I am busy mastering the skill of transforming order into disarray. Simple rainbows turned into super-saturated grungy rainbows. 

Art journal by Tammy Garcia.

It's true. I am not good at leaving my finished pages alone. Until the moment I "call" a journal finished, it's fair game! So here are the layers underneath - the layers that happened first - on these pages. Sometimes pages come together in simple fashion, but usually they are the result of a meandering path that goes where it wants to go. 

Yes, it started with [as is often the case] a rainbow made of heavy body acrylics. That was just the perfect page for awhile, and then each time I paged by, like a passerby, it started nagging at me -- it needed something. A major revision. A twist. More. So a whirlwind of experimentation ensued. I added the circles of collage papers, painted a grungy monochromatic wall... and then it all went pretty much bonkers when I tore off the circular papers to give it texture and a more celestial look... and drips with Golden High Flow acrylics. 

The wall, of course, fell in a puddle.

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