Under rainbows, clouds & shadows

“No sound, once made, is ever truly lost.
In electric clouds, all are safely trapped,
and with a touch, if we find them,
we can recapture those echoes of sad,
forgotten wars, long summers,
and sweet autumns.” 
Ray Bradbury

Abstracts #80-87

To my eye, these little colorful compositions are landscapes... and I'm working on building harmony and balance. Even on a tiny 3x3" card there are an abundance of variables to work with! So I work very quickly, not analyzing, making snap decisions. The decisions sometimes work out, sometimes not. But they're quick, and they keep me in the flow and making art. The good news is that after spending the full month of October "immersed" in ink and year-to-date the same... my snap decisions are more informed the more at home I feel with inks.

These are 99% ink, A few of these have a tiny bit of silver acrylic paint for shine... and charcoal pencil for soft grunge.

365 ink abstracts by Tammy Garcia https://daisyyellowart.com

3x3" ink on watercolor paper, #80-87/365

What are my personal goals for this project? 

1a. Building my knowledge of ink - as a medium.
1b. Understanding the characteristics and personalities of these particular inks. I'm using J. Herbin inks, Dr. Ph. Martin's Bombay inks, and Noodlers inks.
2. Learning about abstract composition. It is super elusive - this balance thing - making a composition that feels melodic! It feels like a game of twister...  Just not getting where I want to be. Sometimes, frankly, I simply "squint" at them and see if they look balanced. Or in my mind's eye I visualize them in grayscale. Darks and lights and in-betweens. Something will pop out {or not}.
3. Creating compositions that are visually interesting.
4. Generating ideas for future work|play. 

365 Somethings abstract art project by Tammy Garcia https://daisyyellowart.com

How is YOUR 365 Somethings Going?

A bunch of people have joined Hanna and I in our quest to create this year! Check the group on instagram at #365somethings2018. Plus lots of folks sharing their sketches, drawings, lettering, journal pages and creative cards for their projects in the Daisy Yellow FB group. Have you thought through your personal goals for your art work this year? What are you trying to accomplish? What do you want to learn?