Radical Idea: Ignore Your Creative Blocks

I believe that you create your own magic. 

It felt like going to the circus.  Or a fun-house. Yes, a haunted fun-house. The kind with moving floorboards and crooked rooms and wavy mirrors. A magical mystery tour.

What would happen if you weren't waiting for inspiration? What wildness might happen? What if it is absolutely 100% OK if you don't have a brilliant, color-coded plan for your page, your canvas, your index card? What if all that is a bunch of muck in between YOU and your art materials?

4x6" vintage index card that I found in my dad's attic, Dr. Ph Martin's India Inks! I didn't set out to be amazed by magical air bubbles in india ink.

But that's what happened. What if you simply stop waiting for the muse to appear? What if you stop thinking about creative blocks and just sit down and play with your art materials? Like, with no outcome in mind? What if you set up hypotheses and experiments instead of designing pages? I think you'll be pleasantly surprised.

Was there a time when you ignored the muse {or lack thereof} and just created anyhow? How did that go? 

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