Queue Up Some Creative Work

"Music just allows you to open up and
release the emotions you were already feeling."
Adam Sankowski

Gouache by Tammy Garcia https://daisyyellowart.com

You know, just move the pen, move the brush, that kind of thing. See what happens. Take a little time away from heavy-duty requirements to FINISH or make a PARTICULAR THING. No structure. No rules. Just messing about. 

Ready-to-go ▶︎▶︎▶︎ visual reminders! 🌈🌸🕊

Hint: Queue up a visual reminder to take an art break.
Make sure you can SEE your inviting set-up when you go about your day.

a) Save 10 phrases + lyrics to a note in Evernote. On your kitchen counter, place alphabet stamps, a teeny tiny stamp pad, and an unfinished art journal page or lined Moleskine journal. At your next chance, stamp out a phrase or lyrics with the note as reference.
b) Set up a workspace with a watercolor brush, your watercolor palette, a stack of watercolor paper, plus a jar of water. 
c) Cut out some patterns, images, and words from a magazine and place in a cigar box along with a glue stick, journal, and scissors.
d) Use washi tape to attach patterned papers [i.e. papers you've painted, scrapbook paper, etc.] onto random pages of a simple bound journal. Put the journal in your backpack along with a decadent black pen.
e) Thread your sewing machine with turquoise thread and clear off three feet of working space to the left and front of the machine. Add two strips of fabric or paper.
f) Place a pen [here's a list of my favs] adjacent to an open Field Notes journal or composition notebook. 

PS. Take an art break. 

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