Questions, I Get Questions #2


I just received a question and when I responded, I got the dreaded non-deliverable response. So I thought I would address here, in this space, in case it would help others.

> Subject: motivation

> Message: first i would like to tel you you have a great website

> and i enjoy it a lot.  Im a fair artist and lately i cannot motivate

> my self to draw(i have depression issues :-)  ).  How do you

> motivate yourself to make such wonderful things each day. i

> would like to find a way other than therapy to motivate myself

> just wondering how you do it

> love your work

BeautifulDreamer {name has been changed to protect the identity of the writer},

I really don't motivate myself to do art everyday, that just happens. I have to motivate to do everything else like cleaning, and I am not good at that! Maybe I don't set out to "make wonderful things" I just set out to draw, or sew, or paint, no goal in mind. Practice. One thing you might try is to create something on an index card every day for a month. Anything. A word. A color. A bunch of circles. And just do that every day.

I have a lot of ideas for index cards: /vividlife/what-can-you-do-with-an-index-card.html. Each summer, we do an index-card-a-day challenge. You can start any day: /icad/icad-faq.html.

You can also start doing the Daily Paper Prompt {/icad/daily-paper-prompt-intro.html}... you don't have to do them on the day I post, there will be 61 prompts in all.

Please write back and tell me if any of this might help?


Your thoughts are welcome, what else would you say to BeautifulDreamer? Does this question resonate with you, do you ever have difficulty motivating yourself to do art? I understand lack of motivation, but for me it is in other areas of life. What have you done to overcome your lack of motivation, or is it really perfectionism or lack of energy or even more than that?