Psychedelic Photography

"Art is the microscope of the mind,
which sharpens the wit
as the other does the sight;
and converts every object
into a little universe in itself."
William Hazlitt

[above] psychedelic version of a display at the Fort Worth Arts Festival; [below] the original

[above] psycho version of the polka dot faerie house amidst the roses in our garden; [below] the original

A little randomness from my world...

Still reading The Help. I've read only a few books from the 2010 reading list. The azaleas, salvia and roses are full of blooms, a spectacular sight. I can't stop photographing them! The crape myrtles are overrun with white sticky stuff, leading to a generation of wasps taking residence adjacent to the pool. The hummingbirds have returned and are partaking of lovely sugar-water.

Fringe continues to be interesting. Bored with Brothers + Sisters. Liking Modern Family and Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution. Kids loving Gilligan's Island and Penguins of Madagascar. Loved Jon Stewart's response (bleeps and all) to the threats to South Park over making fun of Muhammad.

I'm making progress on a new drawing in the series of building doodles, drew a mandala with a Sharpie, finishing a few art journal pages that I started when a friend was in town, editing photographs like crazy (always). Pondering potential summer projects to do with the kiddos. The kids are really into the digital voice recorder this week, with 80+ recordings to sort through.