The Psychedelic Garden

73% of my journal work is actually trying to figure out what will happen if I do this or that - what the materials can/will actually do in various situations. Because there is no way for me to express things with paint and paper without knowing how to get the paint and paper to do what I want them to do.

20161201_altered_0009 copya.jpg

That makes sense, doesn't it? That's a run-on sentence, surely? So I experiment; I explore hypotheses. In this Orange altered book, I scribbled in Caran D'Ache Neocolor wax crayons and then masked stripes with painter's tape and Golden heavy body acrylic paint. I'm calling this weirdness Psychedelic Garden because if I squint I am looking through a wrought iron gate into a garden. There is no rhyme or reason to these pages; I'm completely thrilled with them exactly as they are. There is nothing particularly perfect about them, though. My favorite bit is the top left corner {I took a close-up shot for you to see, first photograph}. This was an experiment and I learned something, which was my goal. I've done this sort of thing with gouache and in that case you'd actually see the overlap in colors more clearly because of the translucency. The opacity of the acrylics is more evident here.

A journal can be a testing ground, a place for documenting experiences, a daily diary, a rage-sharing space, a dream keeper, anything. 

PS. The Groovy Grunge Workshop is OPEN for registration. This is the only workshop that I am planning for 2017, so I hope that you will join the fun. There's a ginormous early bird special through December 17th and the workshop opens officially at the very end of December.