Prompts fueled by cappuccinos

So index-card-a-day is up and running once again! The Index-Card-a-Day Challenge, aka ICAD, is an amusement park, or maybe a Ferris Wheel with intersecting logistics and components and parts and gears and I love it to no end! Months before the challenge starts, I get the creaky wheels turning, starting with the multi-page checklists I make each year.  

There are to-do's and action items and reminders. So many facets and angles and big and small details that all make a difference to challengers and keep it flowing smoothly, keep that creative energy moving forward. 

If you are on the proverbial theoretical hypothetical ICAD fence, I really think that it's time to jump in. Seriously. If you don't jump in now you'll have to wait an entire year to try this. Aren't you curious about what will happen? Wouldn't making art every day from now til the end of July be fantabulous? Your art does not have to be complicated. It can be poetry, sketches, inventing fonts, little collages, dying index cards with different types of tea. There are only a few rules. Like the work has to be on an ordinary index card and the maximum size is 4x6".

That tiny constraint is ridiculously energizing. It is remarkably good for your creative practice. It is super freeing. 

You will surprise yourself. 

Plus you probably didn't realize that all of the prompts that I write are fueled by spreadsheets and cappuccinos. 

Maybe it's just me? But doesn't each challenge year take on a personality or character? I feel like each year my mind is in a different space, my art is in a different phase, I have different goals. Do you approach the challenge differently each year? What are your goals this year? Please add something in the comments! 

Here are my cards for the week plus a few extras.

And like you, I'm signing authorization forms, buying cherries, scheduling and rescheduling meetings, chopping cilantro and masterfully avoiding the stack of dishes in the sink. And let's not mention the dust bunnies, OK?

Do you know about glue dots?

So this week I discovered glue dots.

They allow you to make collages without any messy glue or goopy glue stick [I know most people like glue sticks but I really don't!], playing with layers and textures and levels. I don't know how I missed these gems. They are made for scrapbooking - and I got them for a school project my daughters were doing... and they sparked my imagination. 

Collage on 3x5" index card [prompt = sunshine yellow], created while posting 15 second incremental instagram stories, just to see if I could do it.

You can see the way I created this sunshine yellow card in a fast 32 second process video at instagram!


A love of words and color and collage and text and texture and imagery and paint and magic markers brings ICADians together. It's hard to comprehend, like the twilight zone. We are sharing a willingness to make guesses, see what happens, explore themes, build series, fill-in-the-blanks, ignore/interpret the prompts, experiment, play and hypothesize. 

To learn more about ICAD
stop by ICAD HQ to find the FAQ, resources
& links to all of the challenge goodies. 
We ALL need more positivity in our lives.