Prompt60 #9: Make a Texture Grid from a Catalog


For this prompt, we'll create a two-page journal spread to catalog or document, a variety of intriguing colors, patterns & textures. I bet you have a magazine, clothing catalog, yarn catalog, or interior design magazine in your stash!

Depending on your page dimensions, guesstimate the number of squares you will need to make your grid. You'll be able to "squeeze in" more images on larger pages. Leave a margin all the way around the pages to give yourself some flexibile space for writing words, should you choose to add them. 

You could select a theme {like polka dots} or a color palette {i.e. favorite hockey team}, numbers, words, or even a monochromatic theme {one color + black + white}. 

Cut a stack of squares that are roughly the same size. Guesstimate! No measuring required! Adhere your squares in a grid structure. If you wish, scribble the edges with a charcoal pencil, colored pencils, or Neocolor wax crayons. Another option is to "stamp" grid lines with acrylics and the edge of a plastic card,


So many textures, from chocolate to glittery beads. Here's how the page looks after cutting and gluing images to the page.

After drawing edges with Caran D'Ache Neocolors and rubbing to get a messy look.

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