Prompt60 #8: Creative Brainstorming

"To write it, it took three months;
to conceive it three minutes;
to collect the data in it, all my life."
F. Scott Fitzgerald


Creative Prompt. Develop a simple mind map or brainstorm about any topic. Find some space in your journal, squeeze it in between other things if you wish, scribble it, but get it down. Write the topic and then draw lines radiating outward from the center. Write an idea on each line, simple word association, whatever pops into your mind when you think about the topic. These brainstorming notes are in a 5x8" lined journal {the swirly red lines were already imprinted} that I worked with my page sideways. You can also work on a separate piece of paper and staple into your journal.

No need to edit or second guess your ideas; think of it as word association! These are the results of several brainstorming sessions about the word BOLD and the word EPHEMERA. What word or phrase will you brainstorm?

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