Prompt60 #60

The last prompt in our series is a two-part prompt about scribbling. Letting go. Chilling out. De-focusing. De-stressing. De-perfectionizing. De-risking. Whatever hyphenated words you wish to investigate.

Make marks with different tools or different colors. How many types of marks can you make? How many colors can you cram into a page? How many different symbols? Can you overlap shapes/letters/marks without cringing? Can you allow your page to make zero sense?


These scribbled pages are in Caran D'ache Neocolors. You can draw with Neocolor I or II directly on almost anything, including these glossy pages in an altered children's book. If you wish, you can rub them with a finger to blur or blend together. I blurred a teeny bit of the pink on the lower left just for the heck of it.


When I drew the above two pages, I was watching a movie in a very dim room and kept track of the edges of the book so I wouldn't write on my hand or the couch. But I did not look at what I was drawing, I just "felt" the way through. These are in my Art Doodle Love journal. I don't always follow the prompts, but I love that there's already a background for my doodles, writings & scribbles. I'm going to order Dawn's new journal-book Year of the Doodle this week.

For the second exercise, scribble without looking at your journal. This is a great exercise for perfectionists!!! Because you cannot possibly achieve perfection on this page:) One idea is to scribble the alphabet over and over again. Overlapping, intersecting, whatever. It will all add up to an interesting texture. Try to vary the style of the letters. Wide, flowy, at a 45 degree angle, choppy, bold, tall, etc. The other idea is to draw groups of repeating patterns. Above, I clumped groups of patterns together. With a pattern, the movement of the pen is the same, over and over again.

So this is a 2-part prompt. For part #1, aka Prompt60(a), make a bunch of free form marks on a page with one or various pens. For part #2, aka Prompt60(b), doodle/scribble on your page *without looking*. You can squint, if you must, but try not to! Feel the movement of your pen. Repeat. And you might inadvertently draw on your table, bed or hands so keep track of that pen:)

And that's a wrap! I hope you enjoyed the 60 prompts in the Prompt60 Challenge!!! You can find links to all of the prompts and the intro at the Index.

Daisy Yellow