Prompt60 #6: Frame Your Page with Collage

9x12" watercolor paper, collage, 2007

9x12" watercolor paper, collage, 2007

Write a message to yourself

The idea for this page is to write a message to yourself, something you want to remember. On my page, words from John Irving from "The Hotel New Hampshire."

Start with a large image in the center, something clipped from a magazine or from another page you want to use in this collage. Go big! Leave lighter space for journaling somewhere adjacent to the image. You can even tear the image before you put it on the page, to make that space. Then make the "frame" by attaching rectangular strips cut from of junk mail or scrap cardstock. Use a UHU glue stick or fluid matte medium to attach them to the page. You can just stack random strips, not worrying if the paper matches the rest of the paper. It will wind up looking like a frame. 

The journaling on this page can be squeezed in between a large image and the colorful frame in the outer 1-3" margin of the page. You could write the journaling "around" the large image or in a little block like I did on the page with the building. If you are working on a two-page spread, you could treat each page separately and put frames on each page individually or view the entire spread as one cohesive whole and frame the whole thing. You can use washi tape here and there to add a colorful twist; I created this page before I'd heard of washi tape!

You could add words cut from magazines, write random thoughts with black marker. If your collaged background doesn't have any space or is so busy that your words would not be visible, try writing them on a separate sheet of paper and staple or glue to the page.

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