Prompt60 #59

We're going to delve into our art material stash {or the stash of a kid you know} to find a few rubber stamps. The challenge? Utilize the same stamp repeatedly on a journal page, but mix up the way you use the stamp. For example, you can print with several different colors or mediums. Try painting your stamp with acrylic paint, then stamping. Or use different inks. Try imprinting on papers such as index cards, old book pages, music papers, translucent paper & watercolor paper. Then cut up the papers and use them as collage elements.


This is a fun way to develop a theme and create texture on the page. You can stamp on the background to create a "texture" and then add other stuff. Or you can create your page and then stamp on top. Or both, of course!  You might also include a stamp that you've carved by hand, to add a bit of YOU to the page.


The sun stamp here is used on an index card, cut out and placed on the page, and also stamped repeatedly in a row across the page. Find this page tutorial in the Draw Your Words series.

Fun concept here - inking one rubber stamp with another stamp. This might be a fun use for the unused {unloved} stamps in my stash.

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