Prompt60 #54

For our 54th creative diversion.... make a table of contents, index or glossary {heck, you could even make a color-coded legend with little icons} for one of your journals or notebooks.

You can actually use any page in your journal {add a tab, perhaps}, the last page, the first page, inside the back cover.

My little trick, the easiest possible process for making TOCs {tables of content... like attorneys general?} is to use an index card & washi tape. It's a utilitarian thing, the Table of Contents, a reference tool and visualizer.

Make a numbered list to represent the order of your pages, think up a quasi- or real- or authentic- or generic name for each page. The dots on my list below indicate whether I consider the page "finished" and it allows me to visualize where I am with regard to this particular journal. This is the TOC for the Red Book. I use washi tape to attach the TOC to the journal. It flips up to show the rest of it. And you could get much fancier, of course, you could include the date you finish a page, etc. There's one in the Orange Book too. I do this impromptu, unofficial TOC in my mixed media art journal pages but I don't do them in my drawing/watercolor journals. Really, take my word, there's no method to my madness.

The super analytical creatives out there may want to follow this concept of indexing your journals. You can do a massive index to all of your journals! And an index of the indices! Ad infinitim. I made a list of all of the pages in my last three altered books {that's about 120 pages, give or take} and it was getting too scribbly so today I just put it all in a spreadsheet index.  It has been extremely helpful as reference. But that's the analytical side of me.

Less Herger of Comfortable Shoes Studio {and founder of Art Journaling Ning} shares two posts about indexing your work. Here's a way to set-up a notebook for an index and a revised, rethought version of the set-up process. All great fodder, er, food for thought!

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