Prompt60 #51

Reflective disks, California.


Glass mosaic, Venice.

Fontainebleau, France

121021milan28 copy.jpg




A wrap of raffia and beads keep this little accordion journal closed.

For this prompt, play with the concept of glass, glowing light, sparkles or the interplay of light and dark. You might add a string of glass beads to your journal as a placeholder or bookmark. Another idea is to use silver or gold metallic markers to embellish a dark painted page {metallics really pop on black gesso/acrylics}. Smudge metallic copper or stainless steel paint on dark paper for a bold contrast. Embed sequins on the front cover. Place a layer of glassine paper over a pattern. Print something on transparency paper and place it on top of something else to allow the details to interplay. 

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