Prompt60 #50

Interpret this prompt in any way you wish, as long as you utilize paint chips. 

“Artistic life can be a never-ending process
of looking for answers that are invisible
and difficult to imagine in our physical world.”
Carlos Rodriguez Amadeo

Ideas for paint chips

  1. Use one or more paint chips as collage elements on an art journal page. Cut up paint chips or paint samples in different shapes including squares and stripes. 
  2. Use a 1-2" circle or square punch to make circles to use as little disks or flying saucers on your journal page.
  3. Doodle on a paint chip.
  4. Stitch paint chips to an index card, postcard or gelatin print. 
  5. Develop a color palette by playing with paint chips and use the palette on a journal page.
  6. Cut up paint chips and use washi tape to adhere to a journal page. Add fake, ridiculous names under each color. 

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Daisy Yellow