Prompt60 #5: Blur|Sharp


Do the prompt that you wish to do. Or combine the two in some ingenious fashion. 

Writing Prompt: Cut out words from your ephemera collection, magazines and brochures and write a poem about the ocean. These are often called "found words." Glue the poem to a page in your documentation journal or an unfinished abstract background in another journal. It's OK to have several journals in process.

Art prompt: Create an art journal background where part of the page is blurry or soft and the other part of the page is crisp and focused. If your journal paper is thin and not good for wet media, you can paint on a small piece of paper and attach it to your journal with notes about what you did.

Ideas? For the blurry side, you could swoosh paint around with your fingers or paint with watercolor on wet paper. For the other side, you could paint neat lines with a brush or paint on dry paper. If your journal paper is quite thin, you could do this on watercolor paper and then staple into your journal. If you aren't in the mood to paint, what about cutting out magazine images of soft, dreamy ideas for one side and concrete, sharp, focused ideas on the other?

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