Prompt60 #48

"Fear is the lock and laughter the key to your heart."
Crosby, Stills & Nash, Suite: Judy Blue Eyes

Prompt60 continues! Here's a link to the index for the entire series so that you can start at the beginning if you wish. 

This is a children's book {kids have outgrown} that I'm altering into an art journal. I'm actually working on two altered books these days, often switching even within the day. It's nice to have options as you wait {and wait} for a page to dry! The background on this page is heavy body acrylic paint and the writing is with a Uniball UM-153* {see note below} in black. I might add something* on the left at some point. I like the minty green. 

For this prompt you can work on a plain white background, a painted abstract background, on a base of collage {something light so that you can read your text}, watercolor...  or perhaps start with a base of random, graffiti-esque pencil scribbles.

On a piece of scrap paper or an index card, write a list of ten songs with lyrics that are... {you choose}:  sarcastic| iconic| idiotic| poetic| psychedelic| comedic| patriotic| dynamic| didactic| prosaic| symbolic.

Have your iPad or phone handy. Look up the lyrics from the first song and select a phrase or two that resonates. It doesn't matter how or why it means something to you. You just take notice or it strikes you. It might be the combination of words, the song itself, the mood, or the literal meaning in the words. It might be that the group or artist brings back memories of a time in your life. For me... that would include Springsteen, Jackson Browne & Billy Joel!

Select a phrase from one song, write it down. Then a phrase from another song, write it down... keep going until you have filled one side of your journal spread/page. On the other side? Something abstract. Maybe attach the list you worked from? 

Note #1: Regarding the black UM-153, I've found this pen online at Jet Pens and at the brick & mortar Kinokuniya {if you are in Tokyo, NYC or LA}. Here's a detailed list of pens & methods for getting words on acrylic backgrounds.

Note #2: When is an art journal page finished?

Note #3: The lyrics-filled page was created with a dip pen; it's from my Crossroads Workshop {available in 21 Secrets Spring 2015 Edition}. And the shiny new 21 Secrets Fall 2015 series of 21 art journaling workshops just launched, a great way to kick-start your art journaling endeavors. 

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