Prompt60 #47

The return of Prompt60... finally! You can find the previous prompts at the index. There are always so many creative projects going on around here, and sometimes I drop projects and never return to them - other times I pick up up the pieces and start again. I went back through the 46 prompts to date and made a little spreadsheet so that I would not repeat any of them. 


Prompt #47 is to take an art journal page and alter it. You might add stuff. Like collage. Paint. Glitter. Photos. Text cut from magazines. Painted words. A flippy floppy tip-in made from a postcard or index card {also Prompt60 #27: Flip}. Sew something to the page. You can also cover something up or take stuff away... simplify. Like cut a section of the page and make a window to an adjacent page. Decollage. Cover something with an image/paint/words. Add a thin layer of gesso with a plastic card to desaturate the colors. Paint with thinned fluid acrylics for a translucent layer of color.  You can start with an unfinished painted background, or a collage, or a page with just handwriting... start wherever you wish... add something or take something away.

Here's an example. These are pages from the Moleskine journal that may remember starting in Prompt #1, plus I've written about this journal on several occasions. On the left, I had a grid of designs and patterns that were attached with little bits of washi tape. Easy peasy. My daughter was going to pitch a rainbow test page that she did with Derwent inktense blocks in her black Derwent journal so of course I jumped & asked her if I could use it in my journal. Don't those colors POP like wild!?!? But I could see that the inktense would rub off on the next page and smear the cute rainbow so I printed stuff on some translucent paper {parchment, maybe?} and stapled on top. 

This type of journal page is just a collection of stuff, with no particular composition, and really so much fun to do!

Daisy Yellow