Prompt60 #46: Outside Color Comfort Zone

"Each step gives meaning to the last: a brush stroke leading another stroke, a form calling another form, colors singing when put next to each other. As a whole, they unite in harmony and become a symphony."
Alev Oguz

Create a page in your journal using a color outside your color comfort zone. A color that you perceive to be difficult or challenging to use. Figure out a way to make that color work for you. Try working from a new perspective or direction. You might create a page that has few if any words. Or a silly word like DUCK. 

I rarely use red, so I grabbed jars of heavy body acrylics in cadmium red and quinacridone crimson and smeared the paint around, adding a wide swatch of stainless steel that gives the impression of a wide horizontal and vertical stripe. Plus black around the margin. Learn the thought process behind that margin in Prompt60 #3: Book Design.  

Daisy Yellow