Prompt60 #32: Mosaic

Our guest today is Patricia Dattoma of the blog Magenta Matters. I love this idea of interpreting a mosaic with a variety of art materials. Patricia's little mosaic creations remind me of those little view-master photo viewers that my cousins brought when they visited from Florida in the 1970's, now being re-invented by Google & Mattel. Here's Patricia!


I am honored to be guest posting for Prompt60 today! Thank you, Tammy, for inviting me! I am loving this challenge as it is helping me to stop & take notice – I am finding inspiration in all things around me. My latest inspiration? Mosaic tile!

I have always loved the look of mosaic tiles. I love their imperfections, their colors, & the (sometimes intricate) patterns that can be made from them.

Before jumping into this prompt, stop & take notice of mosaics in the world around you: maybe a backsplash in a kitchen or the restroom of your favorite restaurant? A planter, candle holder or some fancy bowls you got as a housewarming gift? They can even be found in some architecture. Notice their qualities & characteristics. Their beauty inspired me to open up my journal & explore!


I decided to use watercolors using tones of blues & greens. The goal is not to create something specific, but to understand & experiment with the look & feel of small, glass, mosaic tile. As you play, imagine the space in between each painted tile to later be filled in with {imaginary} grout. The grout lines would make for a great place to add journaling!

Consider the angles of the tiles as you place them next to each other: are they in a straight line or do they somehow wind & curve? How will that affect their placement?

I found myself asking these questions as I painted each little square & it was quite relaxing & meditative to think about. My goal was not a spiral, but that’s where the painting took me. Try to create your own unique pattern of mosaics as you go, playing with color.

If you don’t have watercolors, try creating them using colored pencil. The effect is different but beautiful just the same. In my example I used 5 colored pencils in an earthy color family. This drawing led me on the path of creating a tile mandala which I then cut out & added to a previously painted journal page. The possibilities are endless & I plan to explore them even further! I hope you will give it a try too!