Prompt60 #27: Tip-In a Card

Attach something to your page that "flips" back and forth. It could be an index card from the index-card-a-day challenge, a playing card {you might have collected a few}, a recipe, a hand-written note.

This is a handy trick for adding stuff where you want to see both sides. It's also just plain fun to have moving parts in your journal! You can view both sides of the card because you attach it at only one side. The card I've added is an index card that I printed using a DIY gelatin printing plate. It was then stitched and painted with white high flow acrylics.

Let me tell you what is on this particular page, in case you are curious. Magazines clippings, japanese paper, painted dots, stamps.

Adding flippy-floppy papers is one of the easiest things you can imagine! Some journalists call this is a tip-in. The easiest way to add one is to set your card on the page where you want it to reside. I like to add mine so that it is attached at the center. Add a strip of washi tape on one edge to hold it down. Then flip the card over and add another strip of tape to the other side. Easy peasy. You'll get major overflowing wonderfulness beyond your wildest dreams. In other words, more paper squished into your journal!