Prompt60 #26: Spicy Colors

Here's how the poem "Ode To Salt" begins. This is a poem by Pablo Neruda.

This salt
in the saltcellar
I once saw
in the salt mines.
I know
you won't
believe me,
it sings,
salt sings, the skin
of the salt mines
with a mouth smothered
by the earth.

Before doing this prompt, you might want to read the entire poem; read it here or here.


You can do this as an art or writing prompt... or an inventive combination or permutation thereof.

Art prompt. Create an art journal page using a color palette inspired by the colors of your favorite herbs or spices. Colors such as mustard seed yellow, cinnamon, the varied whites of salt, the charcoal grey of pepper, bright green chiles, the espresso brown of vanilla beans. Another option is to draw the spice in its raw or plant form, if that makes sense. A little thyme plant, a terra cotta pot of cilantro.

Writing prompt: Write a poem or short story about your favorite herb or spice or a combination that sparks a memory. The flavors that you relate to certain traditional meals from your culture.


This is my interpretation of the prompt. I started with by thinking about cilantro, a green herb that looks almost-but-not-quite like parsley. It is magical. Years ago, we found fabulous fresh, frilly, fragrant cilantro at Whole Foods but the cilantro offered these days is not as flavorful. Still, it is lovely in salad, bean dip and tortilla soup... not everything on this page relates to cilantro, of course, but that was the starting point when I selected the green japanese paper, the mango sticker and the image of tangerines. Other: flowers, found words, washi tape, a sticker made from my doodles, rubber stamps. It looks fairly organic and natural to me, and I like how it turned out.