Prompt60 #24: Geographic References


The prompt for today is only tangentially related to this page. The prompt is to use the name of a STATE, PROVINCE, REGION, ZONE or CITY as a predominant component of an art journal page. You could write the name in bold letters, taking over most of the page, or use the name to drive the theme or mood of your page. 

You can watch the video here or go to Vimeo. The video is 2.5 minutes. This is edited down from about 20 minutes elapsed time working on this page... which does not include setting up materials and cutting up the papers I used. 


The ingredients for these pages include inked and painted papers, washi tape, gelly roll, stitched papers, gelatin printed papers, a postcard, regular and colored pencils, gouache, number stamps, japanese paper, found text.

This page was a fun one to create, but it was a little rocky. I started with the postcard "Greetings from Texas" {I like the typography} but the colors - the generic blue and olive green - not so fun. I decided not to go with those colors and just make it rainbow, as so many of my pages tend to be. The video shows you the rest of the story. There are layers that are covered or otherwise changed because I no longer wanted them to be visible. I change my mind, or take different paths, as I go.