Prompt60 #21: Found Poetry

"We especially need imagination in science.
It is not all mathematics, nor all logic, but
it is somewhat beauty and poetry."
Maria Montessori


It's fun upside down too!


One of the most fun things about art journaling is the ability to incorporate random words and images and not need to transform the content into a coherent result. You certainly *can* utilize the principles of graphic design in your work, or you can play and just go with the flow. 

For this prompt, make a scribbly background. I scribbled nonsense with Neocolor II wax crayons. Use any mark-making tool you wish. You might just make marks or you might write huge words in fancy cursive across the page. Scribble with colored pencils, a #2 pencil, Derwent inktense blocks, crayons, etc. Something with a little smudge-ability is always fun. 

In my first photograph, I pulled some phrases from some little clippings and stacked them on the left page. Have fun playing with your words, pulling in different fonts, colors, etc. 

Have fun going through a little pile of collected papers like brochures, maps, ads, tags, etc. and old magazines. Make a little stack of interesting phrases. Then without analyzing, put them into an order that makes a sentence. No need to make sense! You know, Alice in Wonderland, silly, zany, and perhaps even some grain of truth... like when a fortune cookie actually seems to speak to something in your life.

Add your found poetry to your pages in some manner {you know the drill - glue, tape, staples, etc.}. Go for two pages if you wish, or do some collage on the other page. You can collect some interesting images or use some leftover words.

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