Prompt60 #20: Draw Logos & Labels


9x12" drawing paper, Sharpie ultra-fine markers, 2007

When I started doing art in 2007, I was still a financial analyst and so it's probably not a surprise that my earliest journal pages were pretty detailed and analytical! I have a very clear memory of the way that this page began. My daughters and I went to Starbucks after school and I handed each of them a drawing journal and put a huge pile of Sharpies in the center of the table and we sat there munching on treats and drawing. I pulled things out of my purse and the store looking for interesting typography to draw.

Art Prompt: Go into your pantry and grab a bunch of items with interesting typography. Sketch the words from the product packaging, squeezing to fit a bunch of different items on your page. Turn the page as needed to give yourself drawing space. The goal is not technical accuracy but to NOTICE the fonts, the way the words are spaced, the composition, etc. Consider a can of Campbell's soup, a pack of gum, a bag of coffee beans and the name of your breakfast cereal. Add little doodles if you wish.

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