Prompt60 #2: Teeny Tiny Icon Mandala


Art prompt: For Prompt #01, you found a composition book or journal to collect ideas and explore the prompts in the series. Perhaps you taped a few magazine clippings inside, or wrote some notes? Yay! Turn to the next blank page or simply find an open spot on one of the pages you've already started. Yup. Right smack in the middle of some notes you took at the book store. This prompt is to draw a mandala with teeny, tiny doodly shapes. 

Let's start the mandala by drawing a circle in the center of your page. Add some fun petals and then build your mandala in imaginary lines as I've shown with the pastel arrows. The goal is not to draw straight lines, but to draw, just draw, and play. For the little shapes, use anything at all. Symbols, boxes, dots, letters, stars, butterflies, swirls. The lines of my doodle shapes are not perfectly straight, and that's OK!

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