Prompt60 #19: Doodle Pattern Design

"The way to get good ideas is to get lots of ideas,
and throw the bad ones away."
Linus Pauling


Tips for Designing Doodle Patterns

Art Prompt. Let's use our documentation journal to show the design process for a doodle pattern. One of the nice things about this sort of open-ended experimentation journal is that you can add rough ideas that are not fully formed. The prompt is to design a doodle or repeating pattern. You can put the entire evolution of your idea in your journal {as in my examples below}.

Ideas for inspiration or starting points include a wrought iron gate, stone path, a collection of feathers, and silverware. If you wish, create a doodle design from this photograph of a terra cotta wall.

When I look at something, I try to see the core lines that make up the thing. I don't use Photoshop to design doodles, but this is a way to show YOU what you "could" see if you squint and look for the key lines in a pattern or a photograph.

Disclaimer: You do NOT need Photoshop to do this prompt, I'm using Photoshop to show you how you might reimagine a photograph as a pattern. 

My tips are to look at your photograph from a distance, upside down, squint, whatever it takes to trick your eyes into seeing the major lines and then using them to start a doodle. Draw a row of empty boxes and in each box, try a variation of the original lines. 


I took this photograph along a sunny corridor in a museum a few years ago and loved the diagonals created by the tables. On the right, above, I used the "glowing edges" filter in Photoshop to show you those lines. [Photoshop path Filter - Filter Gallery- Stylize - Glowing Edges]


Here's a sketch from my journal showing how the doodle pattern evolved. 

101123_garden_0065a copy.jpg

This is a detailed shot of a wood timber showing the lines in the wood grain.

101123_garden_0058 copy.jpg
101123_garden_0059a copy.jpg

The next doodle extravaganza started with a knock-out rose. I used the "glowing edges" filter again to try to differentiate the lines.


Start with a photograph and design a doodle! Draw it in your journal over and over again!

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