Prompt60 #17: Happiness Instructions

"I have come to believe that there are infinite
passageways out of the shadows,
infinite vehicles to transport us into the light."
Martha Beck


These are my Happiness Instructions. I'm challenging YOU to write a list of things that make you happy! It is pinned to the inspiration board in my office with a real pin! The base is drawing paper with black gesso and the materials include Neocolors, fluid acrylics, a map, receipts, textbook, ticket stubs, scrapbook paper. The title is in Sharpie paint marker outlined with black PITT pen. The instructions are in black PITT pen doodled with gellyrolls {I don't think you can see these in the photograph, they are the sparkly kind}. 

Creative Prompt. Make a journal page where key element is a list. Write directly on your journal page or write on loose paper and stick it into your journal with washi tape. You might write your very own Happiness Instructions, a list of favorite cartoon characters or favorite scents.

If you are just getting started with art or drawing, I want to recommend Danny Gregory's book The Creative LicenseI keep it in my drawer of books to read again and again. The topic is drawing, yes, but it's not a how-to book about drawing. It is a book about seeing, a book about giving yourself permission {license} to create. 

Another book that is great at giving you permission is Martha Beck's Finding Your Own North Star. There's a bit of woo-woo fluffy stuff but if you can handle that it is a marvelous book. My absolute favorite part has to do with not letting "everyone" {even an imaginary "everyone"} control your creative choices.

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