Prompt60 #16: Maps

Let's incorporate maps into an art journal spread. The first step, of course, is to collect maps. Here's a heads-up that a future prompt will focus on hand-drawn maps so you might want to start *thinking* about that. But this prompt calls for found maps.

This is my 5x8" sketch moleskine, the one with drawing paper. I went through my baskets of papers looking for anything related to maps and found lots of yummy items. I put them together on the page so that there was no white space whatsoever. Cramming stuff in is fun. Maps make up the majority of the page, but not everything is a map. Reminds me of those math problems about sets. All turtles are named George. Therefore George is a turtle. Anyhow, everything is attached with staples or washi tape or both. I'm so happy to be using washi tapes! Usually I use them for mail art, but it's fun to use them in my journal.

If you want to do a collage overflowing with maps, then cut out anything you can find that is related to maps or mapping, including textures, colors, words and symbols that might show up on a map. 

Maps pull me in with intriguing lines, legends, color codes and intermingling lines. You probably have a bunch of old maps at your house. If not, take a look in your stack of magazines and you might find map-like items that you could use. Here are some things that I associate with maps: architectural drawings, blueprints, museum maps, library shelf maps, amusement park maps, mall maps, garden layout sketches. Also consider mind maps, imaginary maps, cruise ship maps, airplane seat maps. 

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