Prompt60 #14: Color Brainstorming


You are invited to create a page in your journal that studies a single color and variations of that color. Pick any color you wish. Today might be a red day. Or an orange day. Or a blue day. Or perhaps gray. Draw freehand lines in your journal and fill in the lines with color. This page is not about patterns or perfection but about exploration. The order of the colors is of no importance, just play.

This started as a page where I experimented with creating a variety of browns. Years later, I wish that I had noted the paint mixtures. I was pushing myself here, because brown was a color that I rarely used {this has not changed}. Yet I wanted to better understand it! So the intersection of words and art came about because the stripes of color looked quite inviting.

If you want to work directly in your journal and have thin paper that will not take watercolor - or you wish to work in a different medium - I think this would be a fun exercise with colored pencils. Try light sketchy lines with one color and then light sketchy lines with another color. Like if you started with a green you could add a yellow or a white or a peach and still have it be some sort of green. 

On the stripes of varying colors, write a list of memories related to that color. This is a form of visual brainstorming.

Brown wooden rulers at school.
Brown-Eyed Girl, the Stones.
Chocolate truffles on our first night in Ghent, Belgium.
The classical guitar my brother used to play.

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