Prompt60 #13: Collage in Your Journal

"The scientist does not study nature because it is useful;
he studies it because he delights in it, and he delights
in it because it is beautiful."
Henri Poincare

This is an anything goes sort of prompt. Search through your assortment of random papers, including junk mail, notes to yourself about books to read, swatches of wallpaper, playing cards, stickers, clothing tags, handwritten notes, doodles, etc. and attach them to your next few pages.

I'm working on a few page spreads at the same time, so I can pick and choose where I'll put a particular item. But I work fast, because I have more fun when I don't analyze what I'm doing! 

Included on these pages? Papers I've painted, clippings from magazines {including Flow}, japanese paper, washi tape, ticket stubs, stamps, a tarot card, gouache paint on black paper, stamped index cards, a photograph taken with a toy camera called a Fujifilm Instax Mini {reviewed here} which is kind of like a polaroid. The subject of the photo is of another page in this journal, another reference to those mirrors where the same image is repeated to infinity. Maybe that's like drawing your hand while you are drawing your hand. Or putting a photo of your fridge on your fridge.

Art journaling does not need to be complicated to be worthwhile.

It's as simple as gathering a stack of papers that make you think or smile. Get out a journal, a roll or two of washi tape and a stapler and watch reruns of The Big Bang Theory. It's good for you.

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