Prompt60 #12: Write with Alphabet Stamps

Here's another fun way to get words onto your journal pages. Use alphabet stamps, stencils or stickers to "write" your words. You can stamp directly on the page or stamp on a separate piece of paper or index card and then attach that to your page with staples or washi tape.


Here's a playful page from 2008 where I used a plastic card to create lines to target my alphabet stamping. The lines always "draw" me in and inspire words.


Above, the back cover of a children's book I altered in 2010, where I used a stencil to write the word ELUSIVE and then alphabet stamps to journal my thoughts. The words at the lower part read, "There's still so much I wish I could understand." And that's still true today. I guess we all feel like that sometimes.

Word-related things that you could add to your page: thoughts, random words, poetry, definitions, rhymes, flash fiction, monologue, dialogue or a joke to a page in your journal. This would also be a fun way to document the name of a plant or label a drawing or diagram.

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