Prompt60 #1: Start an idea notebook

Prompt #1: Start a idea + documentation notebook

Add notes, scribbles, to-do’s, sketches, doodles, coffee stains, books to read, quotes, and plans. Jot down trivia, add stamps, random conversations that you overhear, practice doodle ideas. Use staples or washi tape to stick things onto your pages. Anything goes! Find a notebook or journal that you can use this month for creative explorations. Not so precious that you will hesitate to fill it with colorful stuff!

An idea journal, or a documentation notebook, is a space to tuck information & ideas. Use it to test materials, document color palettes, draw patterns & make lists. 

Art journal by Tammy Garcia.
Art journal by Tammy Garcia.
Art journal by Tammy Garcia.

For your idea journal, use a plain medium-sized journal. It could be a simple lined composition journal; it does not need to be fancy. I'm using a 5x8" Moleskine hardback drawing journal because I love the size and I had one on hand. The paper is fairly thin, which is OK because I'm not planning to paint in this journal. I might add a few details with watercolor or gouache. This size is small enough to carry around yet the pages are big enough to hold a variety of items. If you plan to do mixed media work in this journal, you'll want stronger paper.

You can have a bunch of different journals in process simultaneously. Perhaps one for testing art materials, another for gathering quotations, yet another for collecting items that you clip from magazines. I like to put them all in one journal, as I find the overflow of ideas happy-making.

What is Prompt60?

Prompt60 is a series of journaling prompts that will challenge you with sparks, ideas & quotes. My goal with this series is to inspire and gently nudge to do something creative in your journal. The challenge will help you strengthen both your artmaking & writing practice. The series will contain a mix of topical creative writing prompts, ideas for how you might get those words into your art journal and all-around fun ideas. There is no time constraint for this challenge. Work the prompts in order and post when you wish. Post your work in the DY Facebook group or post on instagram with tag #daisyyellowart  Many, but not all, of the Prompt60 prompts will fit nicely in a little journal with 90 or 110 lb or thicker paper. Others might work better on index cards or watercolor paper.

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