Prompt Cards {Collecting Words}

For the past several months I've been immersed in designing a new batch of creative prompt cards.

Pack #105. Cards in this pack? Outline, Diary, Seaside Cottage, Fox, Chevron. The word in the top left corner of the grid is the card name.

My infatuation with quotes began as a little girl... collecting Reader's Digest Quotable Quotes. And now I collect words. I spend a lot of time thinking about words, collecting words, speaking words into my phone's voice recorder while I drive, scribbling interesting words on index cards, in the margins of books, in my journals, on receipts.

The design work is interweaved + intertwined with{in} my everyday life.

There are two major aspects to designing these little gems.

① Create or alter my artwork to design the background for each card.
② Develop words and phrases that work in harmony, make sense, and are likely to spark ideas.

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