Prompt Cards!

The simple story behind my art journal prompt cards? I set out to create the kind of prompts that I wanted for myself. Something cute, colorful and engaging, like a tarot card, but intriguing as well, to spark creative ideas

But it's more than that. When I started, I didn't know how to use Photoshop! So I invested in the software and figured it out, one baby step at a time. I worked to learn everything I needed to know to get the cards out in the world. From texture layering to printing to packaging to tracking to shipping to setting up the products at Etsy, to marketing. It has been a steep learning curve! And it's just me... working behind the scenes here at Daisy Yellow. 

It's been an amazing growth experience for me. I even made a custom set for my daughter's middle school writing class. A custom order for an analytical writer friend in England. The cards are being used in public school classrooms, in journaling groups at public libraries, in addiction and recovery groups and by moms & kids just hanging out together and doing art. I'm incredibly proud. 

Get a pack of Daisy Yellow creative prompt cards!

How are prompt cards used? The idea is that you select a 5-phrase prompt and then use that to launch a page in your journal, index card art, or whatever you wish. The original artwork on the card plus the selected phrases form the prompt. 

Over 100 different designs of art journal prompt cards are available in 15-packs and 52-packs.