Prints + Tangents

“We lead our lives like water flowing down a hill,
going more or less in one direction
until we splash into something
that forces us to find a new course.”
Arthur Golden

More, more, more.

37 prints between picking up the kids at school and making dinner!

I made a BUNCH of monoprints using my DIY gel printing plate. 
Instructions here. 

Then I dropped it on the kitchen floor.

And I didn't know I could just microwave it back together.

So I made an even larger gel plate.

On a cookie sheet.


The gel plate looks like after "pulling" a print. The acrylic paint is still embedded in the embroidery floss. That will make a great next print too.

The DIY gel plate with black acrylic paint, covered with cut-out leaves which "mask" the color when you make a print. Try different shapes.

Many of the prints looked like funky maps.

So I stitched along the map lines.

Stitched with colored thread.

Materials: Golden Heavy Body Artist Acrylics, heavy cardstock, embroidery floss, thread, brayer and cut out cardstock shapes. All of the prints were made with my DIY gel printing plate made with... yes... Jell-O. Instructions here. 

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