Postcards from the...

Each spring & fall, I set aside a few hours and create a stack of 10+ 4x6" postcards for Hanna's DIY Postcard swap. I find it so peaceful and relaxing to work on a series. I like to take an idea or concept and then give it a twist, a differentiation, a version, an iteration. Similar but different is a fun challenge. 

Yet to do something creative and get it out to the post office at a designated time? Not my forte! The creating part is the most fun part! The second most fun part is decorating the envelopes with funky stamps and washi tape {forgot to snap photo}. The least fun part is [no surprise here] visiting the post office. Even though the folks at my post office are super sweet. But still. How wonderfully analog it is to get a piece of art in the mail? It's fun to send a series out into the world and wonder if everyone will actually get them! 

So I wanted to create something interesting with some texture. Sewing paper is one of my guilty pleasures and so I never pass up an excuse to do that! I used japanese papers {see the wrinkles}, magazine & catalog clippings, brown kraft paper, painted papers & gelatin prints for variety, but I kept most of the components fairly large on these 4x6" mail art postcards.

More about mail art!

If you are into mail art, put this classic must-have book about mail art on your xmas or birthday wish list  Good Mail Day