Playing with a limited palette in my journal: black, white & gray

5x8" gridded moleskine journal, explorations in black, white & gray

I've been working for the past few months in a gridded journal, carrying it in the car, in my purse, along with a pencil case full of black, gray and white markers, pencils and pens. I'm about 20% into the journal and still have not succumbed to using the white pencil or marker. But they are there for back-up when I run out of ideas. If I run out of ideas. Which I highly doubt! Because ideas build upon each other, they grow and otherwise segue and morph and envelop and branch tangentially until I fill a page. When there is no more space, or the page seems to be visually balanced, I flip to the next and start again.

There is no magic formula that I follow when I do these pages, it's just an organic thing with intersecting and adjacent lines. According to my calculations, one page takes 1 to 4 days, all told. But not at one sitting. Like in multiple micro-drawing sessions. 15 minutes in the car in line at carpool. 30 minutes at the coffee shop. 15 minutes before I fall asleep. Another 20 minutes waiting at another school. 40 minutes in a waiting room. An hour before falling asleep. 15 minutes while waiting on hold with some government agency, cable provider or other such entity.