Play Your Own Game

"Like many artists, I feel
that I'm always looking
for something indefinable,
something that's always
just out of reach."
Gwenneth Barth


This page was created using one of the painting techniques from the new Novel Approach workshop, then I just started writing without knowing what I would write about, and I wound up writing about some stuff I've been frustrated about... "everyone thinks the game has specific rules but no-one truly knows what the rules are..." The game being, of course, life.

The starting point? The routine, nondescript, everyday, ordinary pages of a book. The paper is imperfect, and that's part of the challenge. I open the page and think about a starting direction. North, east, south, west? Texture? Teal? Flowers? A machine? Isn't it cool - to be able to start anywhere? And wind up anywhere? I didn't even know what I was going to write about. It's usually not clear until I've written for a few minutes. The earlier words often have nothing to do with the later words. That used to bother me, but now I know that the earlier words are kind of a warm-up.