Play Time!

When I was in Pennsylvania, I finally got to check out Artist & Craftsman Supply. This is a wickedly wonderful collection of art materials tucked in every nook and corner of the store. Things I'd only seen in the Blick catalog were there to see and touch and ask about! So while my friend Sheila gabbed with the owners I grabbed a bit of this and that.

I don't know if you can imagine the wonderfulness.

Maybe it's better that I only had 1/2 hour; otherwise I would have over-analyzed what colors to buy. Next trip, I might try some of the handmade papers....

I settled on 2 new #8 rounds, some W&N tubed watercolors {I use half pans now, so I'm curious to see how different these will be}, Faber Castel Pitt Pastel pencils {first I'd heard of these}, a handful of Caran d'Ache Neocolor IIs {they looked so shiny and new}, LYRA aquarelle crayons {new to me} and a few gellyrolls. Can you dig this gellyroll display shot I took with my phone? Looking at my color choices in the LYRA and Neocolors, it looks like I picked the same colors, must be what I'm "drawn" to.

HEADS UP: I'm testing a new comment system called DISQUS for the next few days. Please give it a shot and see how it works and whether you like it! You don't have to do anything special but this will allow more interaction in our comments and discussions. Let me know what you think or if you've tried it. 

{DISQUS Update: Although Squarespace is the most super-awesome blogging platform, the interaction with DISQUS is clunky. When I put in the code for the new comment structure (which I ADORE), all of my old comments were no longer visible on the site. I could see them from the comment management thingie, but it was as if there had been no comments in 3 years. Next, comments are managed from the DISQUS site, rather than from SQ, which is OK but different. The absolutely coolest thing was the ability to respond via email and have the response post to the comment section of that blog post. I like the tiered comment boxes - where I could respond to a person directly after their comment and start a potential discussion. So while I love the DISQUS platform, right now it doesn't play super sweet enough with SQ to switch. If SQ adds code to make it work better, I'll switch. Right now I'm pushing for SQ to simply add embedded comments and that will solve things. So I've hand copy-pasted the comments received today into a comment box below. Sorry for the confusion and THANK YOU 100% for being my beta testers. I love Squarespace, these guys + gals rock at customer support and when they release code for new functionality, it works.